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How To Ensure Your Business Idea Doesn't Die

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Often, we get amazing ideas on new ways to do things differently for better results and less often we get a great inspiration for a business venture that could change many people's lives. If you are reading this, you probably have had a life-changing business idea but never got to follow it up and just let it wither on the vine.

How can I best serve my eureka? , you may wonder. In this article, I am going to give you a few tricks to make following up your next great idea an easy task.

Get around the plateau- get started right away

When there is a hill to climb,don't think that waiting will make it smaller

Whether a great idea hits you when you are out relaxing, chatting with friends or even in the oddest of times; when you're feeling sleepy, push yourself out of your comfort zone. Get started already, and if the conditions are not right, make yourself grab a pen and write it down. At least this way, you will be halfway there.

Build a routine

The most successful people in the world have reported to having a morning routine that makes them feel inspired and in the right framework that gives them the mental cue to get working. Beethoven, a great German composer, for example, began each morning by counting precisely 60 beans of coffee for his morning cuppa. Well, not so good an example, unless I want you to be a coffee addict. Let me try a better example. Bill Gates is reported to have an hour workout on his treadmill while watching educational DVDs. This helps him be in great physical and mental state to run his businesses and be at his peak creativity level.

Whatever you choose as your morning routine, rely on it as the steady framework to get you in the right mental and physical state to get working on your idea.

Have an accountability buddy

Self-discipline is very vital to accomplishing what you have set out for. To reinforce self-discipline, get yourself a friend who will monitor how well you're sticking to your strategy. Your actions will be answerable to them and this will force you to stick to your creativity commitment.

Don't walk alone

Even with someone to account to, your creativity and motivation may run low. That is why having a partner with whom you can brainstorm with goes a long way in transforming your business idea into a life-changing reality. This doesn't mean you have to have a business partner. Rather, it means that you need to consult your friends, experts, and other relevant people in order to see the other side of the coin in your strategic plans.

Ideas don't come out fully formed

Do not wait until you have everything figured out for you to get started, if you do, you might end up not getting started.
In a Harvard University graduation ceremony, Mark Zuckerberg said to the Class of 2017 
But let me tell you a secret: Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started.
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