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Make Money At Home Through Freelance Writing

Today, media platforms are filled with countless adverts and 'business' invitations promising the viewer with a get-rich-quick strategy. Many people have ended up joining these schemes just to find out either it is not as easy as it appeared to be or that the schemes are scam. Well, afterall, success necessitates sacrifice.

In this article, I'll cover one of the largest online money making platform; freelance writing. Freelance writing is a huge and legit way to earn good cash at the comfort of your home.
Online writing involves handling assignments in areas such as academics; essays, school assignments etc, online content; blogs, website content etc, business writing; business plans, resumes etc, personal writing; curriculum vitae, cover letters etc among others.

The listed below are my top 10 companies that I would recommend working with as I have tried them out and have proof that they are legit and pay handsomely. However, it is upto you to research on them to find the right fit for you.

To apply, simply

  1. Click on the link of the company- it will take you to the official website page. Click 'sign up as a writer'. 
  2. Create an account and verify your email address (and phone number). 
  3. Take a writing test-  Usually this takes anywhere between 5-30 minutes. Some companies may require you to submit a sample of your writing work and do a timed writing prompt.
  4. Identity verification-This is done to confirm your credentials. It is important for the hiring company so as to efficiently follow up with any issues that may arise in the future. Essentially, you will be asked to upload a photo of your national ID. Some companies however, may require you to take a selfie with your ID card and also send a photo of your academic qualifications.

Below is the list of the now-hiring companies

This  is on the top of my list. It is an academic writing platform that pays per page for assignments submitted mainly by students. It is among the best paying platforms with an astounding $16+ per page deals. Due to this, their recruitment is very strict and only issue accounts to the most deserving applicants. For efficient productivity, you may opt to apply for a group account where you may have a few friends helping you out with assignments.

Open to all writers. Writers Hub offers jobs from various fields. Projects differ in topic, volume, deadline, requirements and complexity. Therefore, the writer has to follow the order instructions, deliver original and quality work and meet deadlines.

Offering jobs in academic, online, business and personal writing, to get hired you need to have a minimum of an undergraduate degree and pass their skills test. Working hours are somewhat flexible and the pay is good as well.

Assignments for writers include writing blogs, website content, web design, financial planning and almost everything else that helps agencies establish an online presence.

School work from various levels of students is the main type of assignment here. Creative, original and quality work is required.

Jobs mainly include essays in different topics as per the customer needs. It has high customer rankings thus fairly numerous jobs to choose from

Writers in various fields such as medicine, Mathematics, Accounting among other fields are hired to provide high quality, original and creative work for suit customer needs.

Just like essayshark, most jobs include writing essays for the customers, most of whom, but not limited to, are students trying to beat a deadline.

You'll require to pass a short writing prompt and a grammar test for your application to be considered. Orders are available as per the field of expertise you choose. A higher education certificate is also required.

This is an academic writing platform where you receive assignments such as essays, term papers, dissertations among others from students. The paygrade is quite fair.

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