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Are you a passionate writer in topics to do with business ideas in but not limited to technology?
At keepingupwiththeeconomy.com, we’re promoting people like you by making your voice be heard.
We invite you to write a captivating blog post, a 2-7 minute read on any one of the following topics:    
  • Business Ideas
  • Financial Advice
  • How to’s
  • Blogging
  • Investments
  • Reviews            

Among others.
We want to provide a platform for our readers, bloggers and reknown experts in various fields to share views, opinions, reviews and advice to our 100,000+ weekly visitors.

This is a great opportunity
For a reader:            To be heard by the world
                                    To indirectly gain an audience
For a blogger:          To market your site to our large worldwide audience
                                    To build your writing profile
For an expert:         To give back to the society by providing invaluable information in your field
                                    Develop your online profile

Kindly read the following guidelines to help you know what kind, format, length among other qualities of the submitted article we look at to make an executive decision on inclusion of the same to our blog posts database.
·         Originality-Make sure that you are the ultimate author and creator of the article. Refrain from pulling out content from existing webpages. The only exception to this is statistical data and facts, which we recommend be placed under quotes and the source of the data included, e.g. according to A statistics, “100million people have B problems.”
·         Relevance- We except that your article will be of tangible help to our readers. Do thorough research to ensure this.
·         Language- We prefer use of English in composing your article. However, other languages: Spanish, French, German and Chinese, exclusively are allowed. These will be translated by our dedicated  team to English for publishing
·         Content- We DO NOT accept adult content or articles using obscene language. Detection of this will lead to immediate disqualification. Reader quality service is our top priority.
·         Attachments- Topic relevant visual images are allowed. If need be, attach them after the article before you submit. Ensure they are of high quality and not copyright protected.
·         Links and self-promotion- As much as we want to promote you as an author, blogger, expert or upcoming personality, refrain from extensive self-promotion. Kindly note that affiliate links, more than 1 link redirect to your site and hyperlinks are not allowed within the article. We will credit you and your site fully in the Author bio section.
·         Ownership- Once submitted, articles become property of the keepingupwiththeeconomy.com database. You are therefore not allowed to publish the same article elsewhere.
·         Promotional gift- We offer a monetary gratitude gift of $10 to the author once the article hits a total 2K shares. This is however, not to be mistaken for payment for writing an article. We hold exclusive rights in investigating and determining whether the author meets the requirements

The article is expected to possess the following
  1. Provide an author bio before the title of the article. Include a link to your URL if present.
  2. A captivating opening statement for obvious reasons
  3. Correct grammar throughout the article
  4. Have short sentences; no more than 20 words. This is for ease of reading by our page visitors
  5. Presence of correctly placed paragraphs, preferably after every few sentences.
  6. Use second person language
  7. A conclusion to encourage continuation of the discussion by the readers

We reserve the rights in determining whether or not your article meets our publisher criteria.
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